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Smart All & I.o.T.

“Smart” is a very broad concept and not just a technological one.
Smart City, Smart Factory, Smart Home: this is a digitization process that improves the lives of users and aims to increase the values ​​of sustainability, livability, attention to the environment and economic dynamism.

One of the main characteristics of the Smart City is the progressive increase in "multifunction projects", which integrate and share in part or in whole different technologies, all connected by IP networks via optical fiber or by using radio links.

The transversality of the I.o.T. applications allows to make targeted investments also on specific application areas, increasing the satisfaction and safety of the citizen, providing positioning and localization data of people at risk and measures such as humidity control, pollution air and river levels.

Intelligent System Management


Technic is a fundamental tool for intelligent plant management, with multiple advantages:

   system monitoring and energy consumption diagnosis


   remote management capability


   automatic restart of the system


   access control to the network node (compliance with DGPR)


   possibility of enabling and integrating additional value-added services (e.g. lighting, video surveillance, power supply devices, etc.)

Our history

With the Technic brand we produce solutions for Smart Cities supporting any type of device, with the possibility of integrating multiple applications.